Joshua and Annie are both funny couple, I still remember when I took the cab to Annie's house I was like "Whoa", simply because the house was too big haha... we have lots of space for the game session that day and I really love the wall near Joshua's house. The moment I saw it I ask them all to gether at the wall to get some portraits and we run a series of shots and these are the only few shots posted here. The wedding is a combinations of many vanues, from the bride's heart to the parent's values, then to the couple's value and all together form a mixture of many values which is a problem for me on how to put everything together in the slideshow lol, there simply too many awesome pictures to be displayed so I narrowed down to the word "enjoyment". The slideshow simply signifies that everyone is enjoying the day and both families were really cheerful and nice. Joashua can't be sweeter while he plays his guitar and everyone were giving a sweet smile behind. And also it was nice to meet up with Jessica that night and she and Annie both had engaged my services.