Had some great fun shooting Andy & Serena's wedding day in Tawau. Just from the looks from those photos you can sort of feel how fun it is LOL, picture tells a thousand words. But one of the unfortunate thing for me was before the wedding day I found myself having dengue fever. I was almost going to call off this wedding assignment and fly some other person over to cover their wedding day, however the moment I heard Serena was quite sad to hear about my news and told me that she do not have any photographers to cover her wedding day, I decided to take my life at risk to fly over to this small little town of Sabah. Had my continual blood test over in some clinics there and surprisingly I found not many people aware about the danger of dengue fever there. Actually I had a long thought why am I putting myself in a big risk instead of admitting to hospital in KL. The price that I going to pay for the extra ticket is minimal compared to my life. However, I did not tell Serena about this but the sad thing I saw in the wedding was she did have someone to cover her wedding for her, in the groom side and he even made the slideshow for the dinner because I am incapable due to the fever. My hands and body were all red in the afternoon, lol a little shy that day. :p

Just some advice for future brides, it is indeed very important to hire 2 photographers for your wedding day, in case one fail, another one can take over in case of emergency. Even this was my first ever incident that require me to turn down the assignment (but I didn't), in certain times, things happened and we have to accept it, never put anyone's life at risk.