Rob and Chuen met each other in the States, this is really a handsome and pretty match where Rob is a American born taiwanese and Chuen is from Malaysia. Though I know Chuen speaks manderine but she seldom use it, you know what I mean hehe. There are many romance within Rob and Chuen and whenever I see Chuen, I just love the way she smiles, it reminds me of a famous cartoon character Mashimaro, her eyes smile  together. Rob loves the shape of the mosque and Chuen loves the sunrise I created and so we went for the combination. We did not do the traditional type of pre-wedding but instead we did a beloved session with them and the emotions just flow all the way. There are tiny little actions from Rob which is so sweet to be captured and love to see the softer part of Chuen, summiting towards Rob. And thats about it, a wonderful morning in Putrajaya.