Melbourne is a very unique city, I had lots of couple who wanted to have their shot in Melbourne simply because of one thing, to recall old memories. I found that many couple were actually started their relationship in school times and went a long journey back in Malaysia and had a successful marriage. Melbourne to me, is indeed a good place to fall in love. Albert & Sharon's does not have a lot of deep emotions, all they love to do is to be the soulmate of one another, Albert does a lot of words in his heart that would love to express. So we went to many places around town for some fun shots, expressing happiness, the best part they like to do is to drink beer together lol, had some fun time with them and there simply many funny shots to be taken around. So the gown shot we had were to express something in the future and the casual ones to express their present lives together. This time of the year was much better, with less freezing wind and weather has turned a little mild than last month. Both of them are indeed a good match, with two different personalities fine tuning each other. I still remember the first time I met this couple, Sharon wants to cover many places in Melbourne because its a very memorable place for her as she has been there a while ago, and soon with Albert's soft spoken skills, it made Sharon narrowed down to a few places. And I know they wanted my sunlight effect, the emotions, the candid, and its all there. Now awaiting to get their pictures ready to cover their wedding day very soon.