Met up with Jay during a wedding fair and Jay and Nicol confirmed the assignment a while later. Jay and Nicol had many ideas about the wedding and wanted me to cover the wedding. It was only during the wedding day that I met up with Nicol and what I did was just shoot behind the scene for them. There are no poses and such, all of the shots were all candids and real moments. Except I had fun twisting the sign board to make it a little different, hehe. I was laughing when I made that one. Not sure if anyone had ever did that but I kind of like the idea. After reached Jay's home I found this nice little wall and we did a couple of shots there. And they exchanged their rings at the end of the day with all real moments. Its easy to carry out a short beloved session each time after the big ceremony. I know there are shooters carry out many kinds of ending shots but I prefer to make it a natural and authentic one, as real things are always has value for memories.