This was one of my most memorable wedding assignment, before the wedding day NTV7 gave me a call if I have any assignment coming up where they would like to feature them in their evening news, so I approached Basil and Clare. In the early morning while Basil was dressing up, he received a call from NTV7 said that they would like to feature them and they said yes. It will a little funny because both Basil and Clare is english educated and the NTV7 news is in mandarin. 

It was quite a happy day for Basil and Clare, the gate crash was a short one since everyone is not so young anymore, but his love and sincerity for Clare is touching indeed, and first time I saw a guy kneel down right beside Clare's room, and Clare gave a sweet smile back to Basil.

Love the Church, both of them had a very religious ceremony in St Thomas More in USJ, the church was quite new and cozy. Just only the priest was quite particular on the shoot so we just listen to him, glad to have Cliff shooting with me that day so that I could get some shots from different sides.

And both Basil and Clare had a small interview session right after the ceremony, and me as well LOL, I was surprised, but since I given a chance to say something to public, I did used my given time to say something I strongly felt about in my career. Which is to inspire more young individuals to realise their dream. Thanks for Basil and Clare for having me, both of you really have a sweet and loving character, and I still remember that Basil said that he fell for Clare on first sight. Thats quite motivating hehe....