All the while I have seen ads with big logo's with many pictures in order to grab the first attention. I made a quick decision and just wanted to have one image to describe everything, and added a message that describe my work the most. I love to focus on the heart in my work, I believe that most beautiful pictures are an expression not just on the picture itself but through pictures we can realize how individual feel toward each other. Which also an influence off a book I love so much, "The Little Prince". If you have read this book, there was this chapter where the little prince was searching for his flower in one of the planet while he was on the earth. He was looking around the sky filled with stars and was unable to find his planet. Just because he was unable to find his planet, all the stars became beautiful to him. That well described the beauty of the unseen and so this kind of beauty had an impact on me and I do appreciate things that are unseen, hidden, in the heart. I have collected 11 translation of this book and continue looking. :D