Met up this lovely couple and they signed up on the spot for our Bali pre-wedding during a Wedding Fair in Mid Valley. Both of then have something unique within them, while Siong Yuan being the sentimental guy who felt so much for Kia Yong, and Kia Yong who is sensitive and loving and always being touched by him. Both of them have their own ideals. When I understood their ideals, and believe that one day these ideals might not be permanent, I then tried to create this theme of emotions to metaphor those values that set forth, making it permanent forever. Kia Yong gave Siong Yuen a nice watch, and Siong Yuen gave a traveller bag in return to her, inside with a letter and Siong Yuen wanted to travel around the world with her. On that moment, Kia Yong almost cried. It may be not important whether they have travelled around the world in the future, but for that moment, it is true.