The day when Daniel had called me up to book me for the wedding day, he mentioned that Ping Nee was a happy lady the whole day, I felt glad that they felt so deeply with my work. They even had many concerns on how to make my job better and ask me about weather to get a video guy for their day, Ping Nee had many concerns to make her photo the best one. However, I do wish that they hired a second shooter that day.

I was amazed with so many school teachers attended the wedding day, reason being Daniel's father is the headmaster of the school. And Daniel was well mannered, I guess it is because of his family background. Ping Nee is a mysterious bride who is hard to guess what she is thinking inside of her, some how I remember that how she look does not reflect how she felt inside her, I believe only Daniel in this world are able to translate her emotions. In humorous terms I named it foggy girl, hehe. Thanks for having me.