2013 is going to be a great year for us. We can't imagine over the years of photography we able to sustain our business to try achieve these small little contribution that may seemed to be not significant for many people but we hope to set ourselves a good example for many other business and try use our own business to support positive things in the world. 

If you ask Dennis why he did so much effort to make all these campaign possible, is because when he was an employee in a high flying company in Asia, it was very impossible to stimulate the mentality for the company to sacrifice just a small amount of effort to try to promote positive things that might bring goodness to humanity. When he turned age of 30, he felt that there is in need for a change in his life to do something good for humanity by making himself a decision maker of his own. Thanks for every couple that loving our pictures and consistantly making our campaign possible with the sustaining funds that made us shine, so that in turn we can do good deeds with our brand. There is a reason for all these campaigns to be in place, now our dream turned bigger, while maintaining our business small. 

In the year 2010 we launched the 5% for social awareness and now made our business able to have sufficient funds to run speeches, create freebies, promote animal protection and inspiring the youngs. 

In the year 2011 we revised our Elements in Photography to Life, Spiritual and Visionary in order to allow couples to able to understand love, look further in their relationships, and enhancing the experience as ther journey goes.

In the year 2012 we launched the Say No to Shark Fin campaign in order to save our lovely sharks, and promotions only offer to couples that able to say no to shark fins soup. Now we managed to stimulate a small group of people that able to share this small little responsibility, and we know that they will help us spread the words to result in greater change. Middle of 2012 we finally have our own home @Le Petit Studio, this has been a significant change, we never thought this was possible this year but it all happened so fast, and now we have our own home, not too big, just right.

In the year 2013 beginning this year we launched Support Positive Pictures 2013 campaign to promote positive energy, by allowing people to witness positive stories to allow young people to turn away from negative thinking to positive mentality. 

Our next plan ahead is to assist education in Northern Thailand which was always in our list for quite some time, and we hope that around June 2013 we are able to start this.