The moment I went into Jasmine's room and ready to cover her make up session, I spent almost the whole morning staying inside her room covering all moments that has occurred inside. In between make up, Jasmine was not feeling well as she was suffering with gastric pain, due to the suffering, she could not eat anything during the morning, she had her renuka honey in her room but still not helping. Due to this fact, her parents was very worried about her and I asked her mom to do a short prayer for her and she did, and moment of closeness just poured from then on. As Jasmine is going to leave Malaysia and live in Australia with Anderson, I guess Anderson has done a great job for gaining the trust from her parents. I was a rare moment in the room, and Kevin was covering downstairs alone until Anderson had reached. I guess that short moment we had together, I felt a great joy that I was able to be there with them, covering those intimate moment prior to Anderson arrival. 

Thanks Jasmine and Anderson for everything, hope to catch up with both of you during my next Australia trip.