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It is a great opportunity when Philip Tsang from HK sent me a message one day and asked if I am willing to do a short sharing session together with Lewis Lau from Hong Kong, looking at my schedule and surprisingly I am free that day so I promised. This will be my first time to be appeared under ASIA WPA name, though they have lots of events held over in China and Hong Kong, this might be the first time they have such things going on in Malaysia and I am so proud that they have decided to use our studio (Le Petit Studio) as the based for this talk. During the discussion I replied that there might be a risk here where the talk is going to be held during the Chinese New Year season so we all crossing our fingers for this, however, the moment we launched the banner in our page, the seats are all taken within 24 hours. I have just had a small idea in my mind on what to say on this day, so me and Lewis are looking forward to see those of you that managed to grab a seat. Cheers!