Thanks to everyone, the recent vote challenge for Malaysia Top 10 Wedding Photographer had ended and we received the majority vote for becoming the number 1 top Malaysia Wedding Photographer among the selected elite photography brand by TallyPress. Really thanks to everyone from couples for this few years, friends and family, fellow photographers and especially for those who have helped up in getting the vote for us. Thanks for your valuable time, especially to my friends that really went further to help me up. What I have benefited from this vote challenge is not about the prize, there is no prize LOL, but it allow us to get the chance reach out to our old couples that we had once had a wonderful memory together and many memories had been revived between us. They have been very supportive and constantly check our rank for us hehe. Its really a wonderful journey thanks to TallyPress. For those of you that would like to see the result and make further comments and wishes please go to Its all awesome, and now we have to get back to our work. A motto to share to you all "DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE, BELIEVE THE UNBELIEVABLE, AND NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER - Tony F". Thanks for all the kind and humble support, we really felt the warmth within and will work extra hard for creating more memories for our couples.

Update: article has also been published to wider audience by our Singapore based allies Vulcan Post, you can also find the article (in similar way) here.