I never thought a photographer can received such privilege to cover a personal portrait in Tirtha Uluwatu Bali. This is a secret portrait so I can't post any pictures here but I do like to share my experience to remember this personal experience of mine. I was called up one fine day that she would like to join my Bali trip for a personal portrait session, the venue, since they do not allow professional to cover this place so I became her partner for this trip to share a romantic dinner with her so that I could cover her personal portrait there. The whole place was booked by my client so we are the only customer in Tirtha Dining, sitting on the most romantic spot, having a course meal and enjoy the romantic sunset. It was the most enjoying session ever, we joke and laughed a few times about this special session, while keeping her secret identity she did not reveal much about herself but what my mission is to capture some nice shots of her.  :)