Yes, we are hiring and this time we are getting a little serious. We are looking for a prime assistant photographer. Through experience we have learned a few things and this time we set a few expectations, honestly we are just trying our luck but hey, maybe there is someone that able to meet the "prime seat" that enable us to work like a charm and you become so loveable that we couldn't ask more from you. :) 

1. You love to shoot but you do not want to do the marketing.

2. You have field experience in Wedding Photography.

3. You are a Canon User that owned at least a 5D Mark II with 2 L Lenses; preferably a 50mm.

4. You obtained an adequate skill of journalistic approach and able to deliver with at least 70% successful rate (deliverable images).

5. You are familiar with shooting with/without flash and fully understood the knowledge of white balance and on camera colour adjustment method.

6. You have high tolerance with great responsibility and discipline that able to face challenging shooting conditions.

7. You have a good charisma, humble and considerate.

8. You focus on team work.

9. You are at least 24 years old.

10. You believe that we are almost identical in believes so that you are able to enjoy shooting with us.

As we are looking for a prime, we are seeking individuals that are able to deliver. If you looking to gain knowledge without any practical skills or acceptable gear, practically you are disqualified. Come enjoy shooting with us, and hopefully we can make your life a little more delightful. :)

Note: We promote positive pictures & we support no shark fins soup during wedding dinner. We are visionary men, world lovers, existentialists, light givers, story collectors and dream generators.


Dennis Yap