One of the nicest couple of the year, when we first met up in PJ Starbucks because I was too bored in my studio and felt like meeting outside to get some fresh air, this couple is simply amazing and they have something intriguing within their personality. I felt so glad when I head back. Matthew and Nelly had booked me for their garden ceremony in E&O hotel Penang and a traditional wedding day on the next day. It was a wonderful arrangement where we had plenty of time to enjoy the mood, both of them knew what they wanted and very thankful that they take account of my advice so that we able to capture many happy moments. Both days finishes with plenty of laughters, really had enjoyed that day. 

During the luncheon ceremony, both of the couple had made a special slideshow for each other to represent their love. When I saw Nelly's slideshow, it was filled with all kinds of extreme sports like bungie jumps and sky diving, she is a person that willing to sacrifice her routine life and transform it into an exciting journey. Coming from a decent and traditional family and grew up in a small town with her maid of honour, I bet it has must be something in life that influenced her to be willing to break all rules in life and transforming it into an interesting journey. And this wedding, is also part of the interesting journey as well. At first I was thinking a person with such interesting journey, what kind of song that able to touches her, and in the end I have picked a song that represents contentment in life, portraying that life has been a long journey and it is time to settle down for something greater, I was quite worried if it will really touches her, but when the moment I saw her fall with tears while watching the slideshow, that moment I began to realised that finally I am able to contribute a small portion in this wonderful journey. 

Soon after we had became good friends in life, we ended up spending our new year's eve together playing board game. They are simply so sweet and caring, I am glad that in my journey in life I am able to meet this couple, and carry on with a worthy friendship together. Thank you so much for having me, you both had made me realised that life is actually sweet!