Shooting Levy and Cheryl has given me a good experience from the moment of engagement until delivery of the photos. It is indeed a good test of care and patience due to the specific expectations from the bride. It is not often that I will dwell to this unique service experience, simply they have the magic, the only purpose is to make both of them happy. The time had spent on making all things perfect does indeed required extra challenge until we sit down together to review the pics and adjust bit by bit on every level until satisfactory, we offer this to her because we simply want to make it easier for everyone. The experience making this possible is simply great because the only reason we want is to make the 'concerned' bride happy. heheh... Levy doesn't has many requirements but even though Cheryl was already an awesomely wonderful looking lady, she does has a little concerns on specific parts hehe, I guess many pretty ones does. I remember we used to spoke about the pictures everyday, revealing many memories of her and began to understand more about her family and her pretty sisters. It was later that we got hired to cover one of their wedding dinner on Cheryl's side. We hope those wonderful pictures are able to provide comfort for her to move on to the next level in life, which is something greater for both, revealing each emotional connections, so that relationship can be prolonged from the process. All the best to both of you.