We are thrilled to be nominated to be one of 32 Asia's Most Influential Wedding Companies year 2015 by Signature Weddings Magazine. This is something we have been hoping to earn for the past few years, we are proud about the service level that we provide to our couples, these people are not only just our clients but many of them had became our good friends. Good things takes time to brew, if you asked how can we be influential in the wedding industry, we actually follow a list of highly challenging principals from the day we started.

1. The believe that anything essential is invisible to the eyes. One sees clearly only with the heart.

2. The believe the Life Expressions in each picture must provide an Intellectual Element.

3. The believe that every problem is in opportunity.

4. The believe that winning awards does not gain anything.

5. The believe that photography is a life long sharing process.

6. The believe that on time delivery has its essentialness.

7. The believe that photography must not reached its boring situations.

8. The believe that every shots can be different in many ways.

9. The believe that real emotions are captured from truthful photographers.

10. The believe that a good presentation shortens a hundred mile journey.

11. The believe that numbers are essential for artist.

12. The believe that the "artist attitude" kills his own business.

13. The believe that flexibility opens up endless possibility.

14. The believe that small contribution to the society set a good example.

15. The believe that every couple is different.

16. The believe that every story is unique.

17. The believe that every life there is something to be heard.

18. The believe that true loving pictures are to influence negative audience.

19. The believe that education of love and freedom help to shape a better person.

20. The believe that LOVE conquers all, giving is far more important than accepting.

Hope you love what we believe! We will continue to work hard for all of you.