I was so happy to be appointed to this wedding occasion, accompanied with lovely sunlight, great location and filled with buddies in the industry that tagged along. Thanks for the trust and love by the couple, they are just natural and real.

I known Stephanie about 6 years ago when we both had our different paths, she is a lady that believes in true love that one day she can found someone who she really love and trust to venture to that new life she hoping for, its not a bad thing to have a fantasy, actually what she inspired me was that believe in her that able to live within for such a long time, and now, she made it. It was a touching experience where I am able to recall her personality while covering her special day. Stephanie is very natural when she bring out her real personality, though there were stress involve for bringing everyone over in this unique place, and not only is unique, but also one of the world best villa that I have ever shot.

Just few months earlier I was here covering a pre-wedding assignment, you can easily find some celebrities mingling around in Alila Uluwatu. It is also one of the place that many girls dreamed of having their wedding celebrations here, and Stephanie got it. The wedding has only around 30 guest and it is one of my favourite assignment, yes I love small weddings, reason because there are simply many emotions to be captured here, somehow I was the only appointed photographer that day and I have been running around like crazy, hiding and sneaking to capture those unique moments. I became to realise that I can never sit down for long in any wedding occasion even I am not the appointed photographer, my body loves to move around somehow. Appreciate all the laughters in this day, I also hope that the couple had a wonderful time here. See you again Alila!