Finally its the day for Jake & Yu Hwan, one of my favourite couple, we became good friends after our Bali pre-wedding assignment. Jake's profession is one of my ideal job over as he does forex trading in his house, way better than being a photographer hehe. One of Yu Hwan's favourite location is the Hokkaido Japan and Santorini in Greece, we almost done our shoot in either of this 2, after their session in Bali, Yu Hwan was still trying to have their shoot done in Hokkaido or Santorini, I'm still waiting for their invitation for a post-wedding shoot lol. Well I guess after the wedding our focus has shifted, most people does.

There were many key elements from turning an ordinary gate crash to an extraordinary one. One of the most memorable part was during our portrait session in Yu Hwan's room, her granny came over and ask if she was able to take some photos with her, by saying say it opens lots of possibilities where I did something much greater for her granny and Yu Hwan, I am certain that granny was very glad that both person able to further break the ice together in that dim room, I love those moments a lot. Since the room was dark, which was how I plan it, it created a different atmosphere for the veil session, and so Yu Hwan and her family fall in tears and thats how all these great moments was revealed. 

Another memorable part was during the group photo of all the old folks in Jakes home, when I saw so many old folks sitting together, I realise there were something special about this group, and so I asked if they were sisters, and they said yes, for once I realised that this moment should be the most precious part of this wedding day, where all sisters able to sit together for a group photo, to me I felt in the event that one person is no longer here, this photo will became the most precious thing in their lives, and while I asked them to hold their hands, all of them smile with joy because I am able to connect with their heart at that moment. I felt that I have done something great for this family. In this universe there is this unsolved mystery of LOVE, we hope through these positive energies, we able to use pictures to allow one to rethink or recall, there is still abundant of goodness in this world, or outside the world. This is what the best part of being a photographer!