Another outstanding dream session accomplished. To cover a pre-wedding session in winter season. I have previously trying to persuade my couples to try consider a pre-wedding during winter with snow, it sounds great and beautiful but most gave up because they do now know if they can survive the cold. As for Teresa, she came to ask about if I am keen to do a winter session and I immediately say yes! Teresa is an old friend where we used to study in the States, it is very common that we get few inches of snow and to her she love snow very much and it has been a part of her memory, while Lewis is also keen to that idea, for Lewis, he has not seen snow yet. So we found a purpose for this session, and decided to go Korea to capture their love during January. We were quite worry if there isn't any snow because we did not reach on time to cover it, so there isn't any snow in the city, only can see some ice around the road. Lewis was very excited to see the ice at first and keep capturing photos of the dirty ice, we all laughed. As soon as we reached Nami Island, we are so excited, there are snow everywhere, though it is not like those days where we used to stop on few inches of snow, but we love the white theme. And one of the good thing was there was good sunlight throughout the day where we managed to cover things with lots of happiness, sweet and hope. We are considered very lucky. Well I always felt that I am a lucky guy hehe.

Right after the shoot we ventured into the city in Seoul for some shots, did some city walk and such, it was really cold indeed but thanks to good food and the couples determination. You might wonder why Teresa has such a bravery to dressed so little during the gown session without covering her back? Well, my answer is, a woman will not feel the cold when she want to accomplish something with good results LOL, never underestimate a woman's tolerance level. 

Thanks to Lewis and Teresa for the great fun, it was my pleasure to cover this special session for you. And looking forward to cover your big day very soon.