Finally its the day, its our friend Kevin Tan pre-wedding day! Yes thanks for having to capture this special mission in Santorini, both of us have our own assignment here in London and Santorini so its good that it could cover our cost for this special assignment. Just to highlight that these editing is done by myself after his wedding day and Kevin Tan have opt to do his own editing for his pictures hehe, well these editing are to satisfy the blog only :p. I understand it is quite difficult for a photographer to be shot by another photographer, the feeling is quite weird but hopefully they are able to enjoy this very special session of theirs. The dress in Santorini was sponsored by Pretty in White, we have lots of funny pictures and behind the scene pictures on the trip. You know, if you ask me if I love Santorini, my answer is yes, if I have brought my love ones together with me, but for a guy to be alone here is quite boring, thanks for having these friends with me during the trip, at least there are things to play and laugh about. Kevin were very afraid of my magic, wonder what kind of magic I would use for his pre-wedding, but nothing much, the session that tailored for them are very personal and I am sure it able to revive certain hidden element between them, so that both are able to continue exploring one another.