Finally our last assignment in Bali, been spending more than a week in Bali, the last assignment is always the most exciting and tiring, everyday we have to wake up around 3am for the make up and finishes at sunset due to the long travelling distance, we finishes off our session with Nathan and Betty in a new found land hehe, this place is simply awesome. When I first met up with Nathan and Betty, Nathan was the one who always does the talking and Betty was the one who only tells Nathan what she wanted and let Nathan does all the talking. I always admire the result of the chemistry of both person, making every couple a different one. Both of them live in Miri and had also engage us to cover their wedding in Miri. Thanks for giving me all the trust for this session, both of them just thrilled with the scenes have to offer here. I remember our session in Potatoe head where we not allowed to take any pictures in this premises, I shot most of the casual session with my GX1 micro four third camera and they were no problem with it, eventually it did turned our pretty well for the album, thanks to photoshop. I did went to the same place for the sunset session after a few months but this place has been closed for renovation now. Love it so much.