The unification of both worlds metaphor the historical conflict between the United Kingdom and France, in the past, both countries have gone through numerous battles and conflicts, these conflicts has been reflected in many side of the world as well, many countries seemed to have conflict with their neighbours. The series created for Ethan and Emily is a marriage of both worlds, London as Ethan, while Paris as Emily, like many of us, we are all brought up by different family and background, but love is able to conquer everything, love actually united everyone of us; love can actually allow us to forgive one another and give in to our differences and become one. Initially when Ethan and Emily came to us they wanted something different and I proposed a theme that will take 12 days to accomplish by travelling to a dozen of cities, but we narrowed down to 2 due to budget, thanks for giving me a chance to capture a theme that reflect something meaningful for everyone, even though I still wish that we have more time to capture more. :)