Today we celebrate the introduction of Nicholas Chew (on the left), our new member in the Dennis Yap Photography team, we see this bright young gentleman has the potential of becoming one of the shining star in the industry, with the background of many traits, Nicholas is a quick learner and someone with a good heart to offer our couples some unique experience through his snaps. 

For anyone who has the heart to enhance their experience with us, you can still contact us and we will see if we have a little space for you, we are not big and we love to keep our pace small, this is what we believe in order to continuously provide our couples a unique experience with our passionate heart, and passion means a lot to us, it has been the driver of our vision.

Throughout the years we have been trying with many ways and I guess we are in our matured stages, when I started the team we had our studio moved to Empire Gallery and after 3 years I found that the best place is still the home, so we moved back to my home in USJ, life has been much better and of course this has improved the way we do things, working at home actually improved the final result in terms of picture quality. The best is able to continue spending time with family while working.

On the right is our beloved shooter Bryan Yong, another visionary guy with a unique personality, he always has a charm with people surround him, we are so glad that his pictures has been improving everyday until an awesome level, and still implementing and learning.

So here we are, a team that have covered over 700 assignments, what made us for who we are today is a gather of multiple encounters and experiences that will truly benefit our couple, a responsibility that ensuring every bits of work will make our couple a happy one.