dennis yap photography 10 year celebration.jpg

It has been 10 years, can’t believe we made it this far, if anyone want us to describe the feeling, it is like a roller coaster ride, still implementing, improvising and adjusting. What is the most fruitful thing during this journey is simply the people we get to meet, after spoken with thousands of individuals, what we received in return are simply the exposures we get to keep, and the personal growth that nobody is able to take away from it. It took us a long journey reaching to the top and realised how valuable simplicity is, and the biggest enemy in this journey is simply our own self. It is such a physically and mentally demanding job and many had wonder how we did it (I get this question a lot from many moms recently) and my answer is quite simple, live happily, eat healthily, and stay active. This journey had constantly made us review ourselves and allow us to make necessary changes to deal with all sorts of situations over the period of time. Every assignment is an opportunity for us to show case our work, from day one we treat every single assignment our last, so that we learn to cherish every single one of them. Thank you every single one of you for giving us this opportunity.