I love Chloe's house so much! Eventhough Chloe did not think so. Chloe is a girl that filled with hope, she has been living in her house since childhood and finally the day came that Klev will take her to a new home. :) Chloe's house have been lived by a few generations. When I was looking for a place for the gown shot, I saw this wall of pictures, and a tree was painted on the wall. It seemed to me that those pictures signifies family tree, or Chloe is the one of the fruit on the tree. It was a meaningful scene, and thats how I decided to have the gown shot, beside the old pictures. It may seemed to many people that nothing special could be taken in this house. To me, her home is filled with possibilities. The shape of Love is the theme I created for them because the shape of love really appeared many times that day.

The pictures off freelance photographers like us are always against the Bridal shop concepts. Bridal shop expresses the gown where we expresses the stories and emotions. We think that a true wedding pictures is not an expression of beautiful gown because we are taking wedding pictures; we are taking pictures of a wedding. 

I had a couple of portrait session with the couple that day, hoping that they can get something nice in return because their bridal shots was not so nice (honest answer :D). 

Chloe called me up for an appointment as she would like to redo her pre-wedding photos. But her proposal got turned down by her hubby. hehe... I love this couple. Hope I can see them again one day. Maybe when Chloe deliver her first baby.