Kah Leong and Evelyn are both corporate IT people that work a very long hours everyday. hehe. I realized that most of my customers are very busy everyday. Evelyn is the dominant of Kah Leong as she is known as a powerful lady in the office. :) I know very little about their relationship as they were too busy to share with me. What I did was to observe. I asked Evelyn if she took up any role in the church and the answer was nil. A garden wedding was all they hope for. I realized that it might be a little dull if everything had became a process. I began to think that the wedding deserve a little more meaning. It may seemed a little dull if a wedding is a plain process without any emotional elements. I had a long thought of what song to use for their fastedit slideshow, my problem was if I use a common song it might seemed a little too commercialized and it will became a part of the wedding process, I wanted something that can arouse their mind and emotions. Therefore I picked a christian song which signifies the wedding was a blessing from God and metaphore that God wanted them to do something for God. That was the best thing I can do for them, hoping that their relationship can have more emotional element which might brought them to a higher level of love! And it was quite successful.

The night right after the slideshow, a few people came to me and told me that "your pictures are different from the rest". A guy looked at my card and asked about my elements (Fusion, Spiritual, Journalistic) "What do you mean by Spiritual?". I told him "it's the things you can't see in a picture, it's the blood flowing outside of our body, each person has a spirit arouse from our emotions, in order to make the emotions clicked with the person, the emotions has to reflect the individual's spirit." I hope I did not sound too artistic but he nod his head though. :)