Tien Hoo and Mun Sie is a couple that seldom take pictures, when I met them I asked about what they usually do in their real life and their answer was nothing much lol. They like watching tv, stay in their home, doing things together. To them them might mean nothing but to me, it means something. Lol. This is life. Some couple don't explore much about the world but they enjoy for what they having, their connection is simply to live their life together. They are indeed one body with one mind, because they agree that this is the life they look forward to. I really like to meet couple that seldom take pictures, but the funny thing is, they seldom take picture but they do think that picture is important in a wedding, to collect something important back in return, to remember their connections in life. It must be something that made them wanted to do it. And so my role became more important. Just because they seldom take pictures, the pictures that I will deliver to the, became more valuable. And so we had our session in Fraser Hill, a place that is quiet, nothing fancy, but cozy enough for them to enjoy their time together. Simplicity, their virtue.