Foo Shen and Joan is no stranger as I have covered their ROM and we are familiar with each other. I am so glad that Joan wanted to engage me after I have delivered her the ROM pictures which also means that she is satisfied with my final product. I still remember that first day I met Joan during our discussion, I thought she is a fierce girl lol, but in real fact that she is a really sweet person. Foo Shen is the lucky man. We spoke a lot in Facebook before the wedding, and when I reached Joan's room in the morning, her room is filled with a unique color and I asked Joan what is her favorite color. And from there my editing style was based on her preference. I think the preference of color do spoke a lot about Joan's personality. That's why I always think that we can never know every bits of a person but we need the passion to move on in order for us to have the passion to find out more, this is very important element in my photography. Which is to capture something that relates to the person.