Shot Alex and Fyn wedding all the way in Muar, Fyn is a very sweet girl and just got to know that she is the miss photogenic of public bank beauty contest. Shooting her got me excited because I always wanted to see how photogenic she is off from my camera lol. Her wedding was a beautiful one and during the dinner I was the only photographer covering her 100 guest. I still remember that night I was shooting with a hungry stomach because dinner was not provided to me that night, but it was okay. While driving back to KL that night I realized that I have to keep my stomach filled or else I will be having health issues over time. Encountered with a group of cinematic videographers that day and we had a short portrait session after the tea ceremony, it was quite fun indeed but one thing that strike my mind while the videographers had asked her to repeat certain shots a couple of times. I began to ask myself why. You know for photographers like us we realize things as times goes on and I not really into repeating stuffs because I believe that photographers are suppose to capture things that happened, not create things to occur. I began to wonder why people would hire someone to create a movie that is based on the directors mind in a wedding and where is the value for true moments? Well this is something that I have been thinking during that 2 hrs drive back home.