This is the third assignment with Samuel and Lovvy, this time we are doing it in Kuala Lumpur, lol the funny part that I heard from Lovvy is Kuala Lumpur is different compared with KK. Well I agree with her lol. This is the day for the groom side, understand Samuel and Lovvy pretty well and Samuel's family is indeed fun! We all laughed all the way, lots of hugs given to Lovvy from Samuel's family. I can't forget the session session where the couple have to swallow banana after each session during tea ceremony. Got a lot of funny shots here. And we all were giving eye contacts and straight away I knew what the couple is trying to say to me lol this is how well we know each other. From stranger to friend. I really cherish their friendship. It's hard to find such a fine couple like them. And I felt strong when everything had accomplished and had to say goodbye the end of the day. During her wedding everyone was asking about her pre wedding pictures, her actual day slides and her slides for this day. And people have been asking my name cards. I guess it is the bond we have that made all these art pieces a good one.