Finally it is the day where Chee Kean & Chooi Li will be marching into a new journey, shared with the love of God. I love shooting garden weddings, it is indeed one of my favorite but the pace of it its extremely pack. Filled with abundant moment and joyful expressions. It is a day where Chooi Li had her sweet time saying farewell to her family and walking into a new life. I still remember that Chooi Li was extreamly nervous during the make up session which she could not understand why. She kept on taking deep breath when she knew Chee Kean is close by. After Chooi Li went to a new life she had also began to move to a new career switching from NTV7 to something new in TV8. Love her smile and tears. Both person share the love of God, to me, nomatter how Chooi Li express, she still look great from any angles. 

There was this unforgetable moment during their speech, I was so surprised that they actually thank me for making everything possible to them in developing their pictures. I was very touched but I think they did not know that I felt that but deep inside of my heart I felt that I have achieved something for them. 

Thank you Chee Kean & Chooi Li for having me. Your smile will always be in my heart.

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