Finally the day had come where both Heng and Samanta have their wedding dinner. I was sad that I was not able to capture their wedding day on the next day as I already have planned for an overseas trip to Japan. Thought the hours were short but I cherish every single minute in their wedding. Heng and Samanta was no longer stranger to me since I was there in Perth covering their pre-wedding assignment. Like any other wedding dinner, the sequence was normal but one thing I can never forget was Heng addressed his appreciation of my work on stage. When I got back home that night before my overseas trip, I began to miss them. I guess of so many hard work and accomplishments, nothing better than a short message of appreciation. They are always like an award for me, thats why I hardly join competitions, what I believe is any appreciations is already an award for me. 

Heng, Samanta, I was very pleased that Samanta's cousin loved how the gown was taken. Please send my regards to her again. Thanks.