I am so glad that I have been selected to be the official wedding photographer to cover Ishwara and Thanusyia's wedding. It's not a normal Indian wedding but it's a wedding in an aircraft. The wedding reception was held in the air 30,000 feet above the sea level. Since it is the first indian wedding in an aircraft in the world, I was squeezed inside the aircraft with a group of desperate photographers from the media. However, it did not stopped me and I had many great shots captured from this wedding. If you have asked me if I was desperate over there, haha no, because my role is to capture what had happened in the wedding, the couples wedding so I am allowed to capture the people from the media as well, it was quite fun. Ishwara was very glad and honored, I can see it from his eyes and Thanusyia was very proud of Ishwara, abide into his strong character. They are a great match, I guess nobody will ever forget about what had happened in the aircraft.

It was not very hard to capture a wedding in an aircraft as I have already fully aware how an aircraft operates and familiar with AirAsia operations. Thus, to some people it might be something extraordinary because it might be their first time but to me, it is just like a normal wedding assignment, this allow me to focus more on expressing the couple. Thanks for having me, I hope the sky is never your limit. :)