Spent 2 days in Sabah shooting Raymond and Zy Shing's pre-wedding. The environment was normal but this couple is awesome. They are so connected that I spent about 80% of the time taking candid shots, which is also something they prefer. We had spent hrs discussing about this wedding assignment and we finally did it. I guess this series is truly represents the couple's heart. Pictures are normal but time spent to decide on a location is tedious on my side, not only need to reflect Raymond and Zy Shing's dream but also need to understand their tiny bits of elements that connects them. Sunset is the most critical part because this is when Raymond proposed to her, during a nice sunset, and Zy Shing being the follower of Raymond's idealism, I guess these pictures really reflect the summation of the heart within Zy Shing. Filled with hope and joy from Zy Shing, and filled with manly protection from Raymond. I really like the Memoirs of Azure. And finally I get to shoot something under the rain, which is something unable to plan for sure. Thanks to both of you, both of you have also reflected my vision as a photographer.