CK and Xu Chi had their actual day wedding ceremony in Malaysia. This two couple knew each other during their studies in Japan and move over to Holland. Xu Chi from China brought her family over to Kuala Lumpur to witness the celebration. Lovely couple and really love the drop down window, we took quite a number of family shots with the bright sunlight from behind. 

Well, this is one of the toughest wedding I have ever been assigned. Issues were complicated. LOL. CK and Xu Chi engaged my service through his friend in Malaysia so his family does not know who am I. The day before I went to visit them, his family were very skeptical about me and wonder why my charges are above the average. To them, a photography service can be very cheap, they told me that some photographers holding a RM15,000 camera can also charge very cheap. I guess thats the way they understand photography, this is very common for many elderly people. Well, while driving back to home the night before the wedding day, I began to feel very motivated! And the next day I told myself that I want to show the elderly the difference a photography can portray, its about a different way of looking at memory. And since most of their family are doing photography business like studio shots for schools and such, I began to feel more motivated, LOL, reason being I know they will be able to tell the difference. And so during the wedding dinner, I was so enthusiastic to pass over my DVD slideshow to the MC. Well, my slides were the only slideshow to be displayed that night because CK and Xu Chi's pre-wedding pictures taken in Shanghai were unable to display due to low resolution. So my slides were repeatedly displayed. I was very glad to see the crowd smile and laughed while displaying the slideshow, some of them just couldn't stop looking at it. CK, Xu Chi and their family were looking at the slides, everything were paused in silence. And I walked to them and shake their hands after the slideshow. I was so happy to see the happy eyes that poured out from his mom. The moment I realized that I have given an impact to her, something that she will want to take home and remember. The mom looked at the pictures and gave a few nod and I know that my mission had accomplished. All my name cards were all finished that night because the restaurant and a lot of their friends from Malaysia, Holland and China were asking for one. Another happy day for me, I have given them a great present. :) I love this job, especially when there is a challenge.