Thanks for Louis and June for trusting my works and they had their pre-wedding taken in Fraser Hill in Malaysia. Since Louis is the local in Fraser Hill we had the chance to shoot in numerous places, one of it is the well known Magnum Bungalow. Louis and June had been together for many years, all the while June's personality overtakes Louis, after went through numerous obstacles, June had decided to regress her domination towards Louis and finally look towards mutual understandings. The couple that had always being bitchy and fight for fun had decided to tie the knot. Even though June always like to make fun of Louis, deep inside her is filled with love and happiness. Louis is such a great guy. Congratulations to them, I am so happy that I can be able to shoot her pre-wedding. It was a tiring trip, we started our trip to Fraser Hill from 12am due to a wedding assignment ended a night before. It was a great experience, it was my first trip to Fraser Hill and we drove up in midnight, we reached up to the top some time around 2:30am and make up started around 5am. Louis and June showed me many places in Fraser Hill and I am really excited about the places for pre-wedding. Due to time limitation we only able to narrowed down to 2 locations. I will be back again!