Chun and Joeyb flew all the way from Hong Kong just to have a pre-wedding session with me. I am so thrilled with their support for my photography. Me and Joeyb had a very long discussion on how to make this pre-wedding shoot an awesome one. What I know is Chun knew Joeyb in the airport and that time was during SARS and Joeyb was folded with her mask, but it didn't stop Chun from knowing Joeyb. It must be something that attracts Chun's eye that made him had the confidence to approach Joeyb. Then I figured that we could simulate the same situation by metaphor it with this pre-wedding assignment. That is how I got this shot, Joeyb was folded with the veil and sealed with the kiss from Chun, a love that was came from the same attractions. I confident that they will remember this series for a long time and it serve something to remember for many years to come.