Samuel and Lovvy is a couple that is always separated, Samuel works in the oil and gas industry all the way in Brunei and Lovvy lives in beauiful Kota Kinabalu. Whenver they met each other, their love began to pour with passion, just to express the longing for each other. Lovvy is a funny girl, she is filled with joy and beauty. Lovvy is a sentimental person that will miss her love while her bf is away. Since ever Samuel and Lovvy had engaged me, Lovvy and I had became very good friend. And for the stories I heard from her, I figured that love is something powerful and believable. Regardless of what kind of factors in life and any environmental issues, it will never separate them from longing for each other. That is why I made this theme for them, to the Tip of Borneo, in order to express that kind of love from Lovvy. Just happened that there is a partial thunderstorm from behind the scene, it really matches the theme. It metaphors that life are the combination of both happiness and sadness, regardless of what kind of factors, their love will forever be together unaffected by anything. Tip of Borneo is Lovvy's hometown, I guess it served plenty thing for her to remember as well. I really love this series due to fact that it really expresses the whole concept that I have been trying to create for them.