Spent a nice sunny morning shooting Navin & Shuba, both people met each other and became two wonderful companions. Their love is simple and wonderful. Like every other couple they do have their ups and downs as well as arguments but they always laugh at the end of it all. They love to make fun of each other and enjoy the time they spend with each other. Both souls tend to share their difficulties and happiness in life and through this they slowly developed a deep bond that keeps them close and moving at the same time. They share their support and love through understanding and giving in and their love is simply delightful. Navin and Suba didn’t want fantastic pictures which doesn’t reflect them or who they are in person; they simply wanted something simple and nice to remember to mark their engagement as well as their relationship with each other. Thus, I created a theme that is somewhat colorful and simple to express their delightful personalities. I did not pose them but allowed them to express their love naturally and just captured every candid moment they expressed during that day. This is what I believe is true emotional expressions, something that is reflected deep from within their heart and soul. After the assignment they were simply amazed as they really enjoyed the whole process and did not feel exhausted at all. I guess that they really enjoyed their day off for this :).