The Path of Reminiscence was created by me to reflect the past stories that Ming Hao and Lin Chin have encountered. In order to make it beautiful and memorable I suggested using a long bridge to explain their stories. All the pictures here are the reflection of their past, their love memories in Melbourne where they had the test together in Melbourne city center. It will be something memorable for both of them as they will be moving back to Singapore pretty soon. We had lots of fun for this 2 full day assignment. Initially we plan for just a day shot and realized that one day was not enough and Ming Hao and Lin Chin had decided to hire me for an additional day to cover these locations. And so we picked the first day formal gown shot and next day as casual shots. The gown shot we made it as somewhere a feeling of inert love as they have been together for many years. It was all about feeling, inert joy, silent beauty and connections. The second day we turn it to a fun one with many body expressions, excitement, joy, and appreciations. I guess that well described their love and their future to be. :) Hope you enjoyed.