I do not understand, most of my couples had a very long relationships LOL and so we always spent lots of time listening to my couple's little stories. :) Well but they are are still different in many ways. Patrick and Kelly both started their relationship since college and they started their love very soon right after they knew each other. Kelly had said that she had a long thought about it before and her ideal is that a men can never betray his love. They have gone through many numerous tough times but in the end, they have finally decided to married. :) Well the end is a new beginning and I hope they enjoyed their life together. I can still remember the time we had our session together before the wedding. Kelly was trying to look for me and due to time constraint they were not enough time but just happened that day in LCCT Coffee Bean before their flight, I was on my way back from KK and bumped up with this couple. The world is so small, sometimes its just amazing and done many miracles. I took up my little red book and thats how we had our session together. 

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