Traditionally, a primrose means "I can't live without you." The color of primrose signifies "I am yours forever." The ultimate in romantic gifts that reflect your enduring love.
This idea for Rex and Carmen comes from witnessing their divine relationship between both of them, where Rex sees Carmen as his angel, and Carmen sees Rex as her protector, a gift from God. For friends that know Rex, he never forget to send you a bible verse once in a while in the morning. A day before their wedding I asked Rex how will he describe Carmen and Rex said she is like his angel given from God. That was amazing, you will hardly see a guy speak these kind of things, and from his eyes I knew that he really meant it. Carmen sings in a choir and a she sings pretty well as a soprano. During our discussion Rex had told me that Carmen will be heading to Dallas to continue her vocal studies and Rex mentioned that he will follow her no matter where she goes. From here I realize their goals in life. And their roles in the future. Therefore this is the theme I have created for them, to realize their goals and vision from this small little discussion. Where primrose is a flower from the States, and it signifies a divine vision, which is I'm yours forever.