Tonny and Daphne had became good friends of mine, both of them had spent their journey all the way from Japan and now back in malaysia. The first day we meet each other in Starbucks we had a very long chat, not mainly about wedding but about life and vision, in between of the discussion I asked them to really treat me as a good friend, and Tonny agreed to my idea and do believe in my sincerity because I really mean what I said. I guess our happiness is by building our trust together, although on many occasions we have been trying hard to meet up for karaoke sessions but finally we did one after their wedding haha. And another thing is, I always bump into them many times around KL and Daphne always gave me a big laugh, hmm I still wondering why lol.

This couple have a very strong Japanese education and things that they did was very heart warming. They are indeed very sensitive to things that came from the heart. Thats why we are quite click in many ways, their friends from Japan came all the way to attend their wedding and I do love to mingle with Japanese, for some reason I felt that they inspire me in many ways.

Tonny and Daphne, thanks for having me, I will never forget both of you, you know I can tell a thousand stories about my encounter with you both, let's all remember our special moments together, it's more than just a wedding assignment.