Finally it's here after our memorable pre wedding session together months back. Yes! It's a garden wedding, where couple aiming hard to accomplish their dream wedding, there was some drizzles before the receptions but things just got better right before the reception, very lucky indeed. Lots of fear and hope for this occasion to come true. And we made it. It was nice to meet back old couples that I have shot in the past during the wedding dinner, Matthew and Jennifer had a small group of friend to share their wedding and it was great, everyone was talking, having fun chatting and mingling around.
We did not have a lot of fancy session that morning, even games session was excluded. Therefore with the available time I asked Matthew and Jennifer to do some shots with the wine. Both of them opened up the nice bootle of wine and they simply enjoyed the simple occasion of theirs, something different. They hired favors essence to do the decos and they had a nice yellow theme to play with. Good decorations does playa role in any wedding event.