I know Stephanie from a very long discussion where she was back in Perth, initially we were discussing about having me to cover her pre wedding in Perth but the process went a long way and they decide to move back from Perth to malaysia. We had been chatting a lot while she was in Perth and got to know that one of her friends wedding were covered by me. She is a very decent girl who did her studies in Kang and we discovered many similarities along the way. The world is so small. She attended her friend wedding and she did not tell me that she was there, lol we had a very funny guessing game where she asked me to guess if I able to find her in one of the picture off Kah Leong and Evelyn wedding dinner, haha I managed to track her down with my sharp eyes lol and after a while we had a meeting session near bukit jalil, she told me one thing that I can never forget, she said that she would rather find someone that able to click with her to cover her special occasion. Well I guess that was a compliment. She hired me for her ROM session and everything went well, and I gave all the pictures back to her together with the sideshow within few days, set a new record in my normal delivery timeline. Well all I did is just to ensure that she is happy.