Finally, Ryan & Trixie wedding day after we did the pre-wedding session together. On this special day Trixie invited many of her friends over as bridesmaid, they were all very funny and everyone seemed like to tease Trixie. After the wedding day I realized that the wedding day is what Trixie wanted to share with her friends and its a day that both person value friendshop, love, and family. All these 3 elements were very precious. And so I made this theme for them while doing the SDE "Living Together and Growing Together", the song sounded like the smurf movie. After I hand over the pictures to them, Trixie felt heart warming about the shot with her hugging her dad, and she said that, that was the only time she gave her dad a big hug, and I've captured that. Too many nice pictures in returned, and at that moment I guessed she got piled with lots of nice pictures and unable to know where to start LOL. But it all went great, I love this couple a lot, they just made everyone laughed.