Kok Hui and I had known each other since college time in an intern where we all went to sell books and bibles to help ourselves through school. It was a pleasure for him to love my works. While Cheryl being the perfectionist, plus Kok Hui had a lot of ideas for his unique occasion, they picked Kota Kinabalu as their location to enjoy their love and revive those feelings that brought them together. Well I have shot many of places in Kota Kinabalu, one of the famous place is this place. However, the most funny incident we had was they thought that the Tip of Borneo actually called Kundasang and we end up going to Kundasang instead of Tip of Borneo, only found out when the driver had sent us up to Kundasang LOL. We all laughed but the shot went very well. I missed the trip to Tip of Borneo so much, I really wish to go back there again. Everytime I showed couples this location and often times I get engaged to this place, lol so Kundasang is my another home for pre-weddings hehe. Love the gown the Cheryl had brought over, it was the gown made by Carven Ong, a well known designer in Kuala Lumpur. The color tone specially defined for this couple is to enhance those simplicity in their love, refining those valuable elements in the past and the session also a metaphore of the past and the present. 

I was quite eager to know what would this couple feel when they saw the slideshow, and when I saw their lovely eyes watching the slide, I felt so glad that they love it. It is quite stress to photoshoot a friend, because really do not want to upset them LOL. You know what I mean.