Ling and Niki came to our studio and that was when we first met and get to know each other. Both Ling and Niki are both ex-Etihad airways pilot and cabin crew. And later Ling moved to AirAsiaX, while Niki managed to safe keep her Etihad uniform, we did a shot with the airline uniform they had, lol quite unique. It was sweet when Ling handed over the flowers he got from the ground and that was how the pre-wedding session started. Both Ling and Niki are quite outspoken, we made the theme to be an enjoyable and cheerful one while the gown session we made it to be an inert one, recalling the future after 10 years of relationship. 

Ling and Niki had known each other not too long in Etihad and Niki, Niki got pregnant later and had a baby girl taken cared by her mom in KK. We chat over whatsapp for a lot of times, and get to know that the journey ahead is going to be a long one and will face a couple of obstacles, and that was the reason I made the gown session an imagination of the 10 years of relationship that will be coming by. A series for them to recall after 10 years from present day. Life is an encounter of many obstacles and hope that both of them will be able to be rejoyced whenever they saw the pictures, that recalls those important things that they once cherished.